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Tree removal and trimming to prepare for a hurricane
posted by: Jim

Removing dead branches from palm trees and other types of trees is very important in order to prepare in the event of a hurricane. Hurricane force winds can propel dead branches and turn them into dangerous projectiles capable of creating substantial damage to your property and other properties around your home.

An expert arborist, such as Affordable Tree Service, inc. will be able to assess your trees and make the appropriate recommendations. Some trees might need more trimming than others to ensure that your risks are lower in case of a hurricane.

Every time a Hurricane hits Kendall (or anywhere in South Florida for that matter), homeowners are hit with the repercussion of not having their trees properly prepared for hurricane force winds. The cost to repair damage to your property, or someone else's property, from the fall of tree or branches on your property almost always outweighs the cost of having your trees professionally trimmed.

Another thing to consider is that in many cases, a property trimmed and maintained tree will only suffer minimally from a hurricane, but a poorly maintained tree might suffer and eventually have to be removed; and while your homeowner's insurance policy probably covers any damage to other people's property as a result of the fall of a tree or branches from your tree, it most probably does not cover the actual tree itself. Replacing a tree can turn out to be more expensive than most people think. Preventative tree trimming is the only way to ensure you have done everything in your power to avoid or minimize the financial impact of a hurricane hitting your backyard.

For over 25 years, Affordable Tree Service has been assisting homeowners prepare their trees for hurricanes. You can be confident that the team of Affordable Tree Service will be able to recommend the best solution for your backyard.

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Article date: Aug. 05 2011

Job type: Tree Removal

Job Location: Kendall - Miami-Dade County


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