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Job Diary

Clearing Power Lines
posted by: Jim

Is your home, apartment building or commercial building next to Power Lines? When was the last time you had the trees around those power lines trimmed?

Cutting branches around power lines is very important as overgrown branches can cause damage which might result in severe accidents. These accidents will have a big financial impact on you and/or your business. A down power line, as a result of strong winds and overgrown branches dragging the lines down, can lead to passersby being electrocuted, or a fire caused by exposed power lines.

The list of accidents is a long and scary one, this is why being proactive and hiring a professional tree company to trim the branches of your trees around power lines is so important.

Hiring the right company to trim those branches is also very important. Inexperienced workers might get hurt or damage the power lines, especially if the trees are tangled in the lines. A professional tree company with the right amount of experience working on complex trimming jobs will ensure that the task is performed safely and efficiently.

Over the past 25 years, Affordable Tree Service, Inc. has helped a wide range of property owners, including: Homeowners, Apartment Buildings, Shopping Centers, HOA, Condo Associations, Office Buildings, and other commercial properties. The experience and knowhow of Affordable Tree Service will provide you peace of mind and excellence in service.

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Article date: Dec. 05 2011

Job type: Tree Removal

Job Location: Miami Beach - Miami-Dade County


  • Clearing Power Lines
  • Miami Beach
  • Apartment Building
  • Cutting Branches
  • Overgrown Branches
  • Damage
  • Professional Tree Company
  • North Miami Beach
  • Complex Trimming Jobs
  • Shopping Center
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