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Job Diary

Trimming Trees for an HOA
posted by: Jim

Managing a Home Owner Association takes many steps; between the common areas, the buildings, swimming pool, insurance, and of course dealing with the residents, as an HOA board member or management company, you have plenty on your plate. This why when it comes to tree services it is important to hire a tree company which has experience working with HOAs.

Companies with little experience tend to quote the projects too low or too high. In the best case scenario, they estimate the job too high and you overpay; but in the worst case scenario, they estimate the job too low and end up cutting corners in order not to lose money. Cutting corners can lead to low quality work and sometimes accidents.

Another important thing to look for is cleanliness. Tree companies with HOA experience will likely have developed protocols to insure that work areas are kept clean and that the cut branches do no endanger your residents.

Tree companies experienced in working with an HOA will also take extra steps to ensure that their presence is as least disruptive to the routine of your residents as possible, to ensure maximum resident satisfaction.

Affordable Tree Service Inc. has been serving Homeowner Associations throughout Miami-Dade county for over 25 years. Affordable Tree Service's experience and professionalism will ensure that your trees are trimmed properly, within budget, and that your residents are satisfied.

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Article date: Dec. 13 2011

Job type: Services For HOA

Job Location: Kendall - Miami-Dade County


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