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Whitefly Infestation in Miami
posted by: Jim

The Whitefly infestation in Miami has become a real problem for homeowners and businesses alike. Historically Whiteflies have mostly attacked ficus trees; however, they recently started spreading to other trees such as: Coconut trees, Gumbo Limbo, Areca Palm, Golden Durenta, and much more...

The way the Whiteflies feed can cause irreparable damage to your trees, which is the reason why treating a Whitefly infestation is necessary. What separates the Whitefly from other tree parasites is their ability to resist pesticide treatment and over time become virtually immune to certain pesticides.

Most pest control companies are baffled by this problem and only a few specialized company carry pesticides that are efficient at eliminating Whiteflies. These products are expensive, some costing the pest control companies as much as $400/bottle. This is why treating trees for Whitefly infestation is so expensive.

In many cases, especially if the health of tree affected wasn't perfect before the infestation, it might be easier, and a lot more affordable to remove the Whitefly infested tree than to treat it.

Removing trees infected by Whiteflies will avoid further expenditure on the tree, and protect the surrounding trees from infestation.

Affordable Tree Service, Inc. has been providing tree removal services to homeowners and businesses affected by the Whitefly infestation since the Whitefly problem started in Miami. Because of this experience, Affordable Tree Service is your premier choice when fighting back against a Whitefly infestation.

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Article date: Feb. 18 2013

Job type: Ficus Removal

Job Location: Miami - Miami-Dade County


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  • Miami
  • Attacked Ficus
  • Coconut Trees
  • Gumbo Limbo
  • Areca Palm
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