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Should I remove a dead tree?
posted by: Jim

Do you have a dead tree on your property and you are wondering whether to remove it or not?

If that's the case, you will need to have that dead tree removed. Miami, and South Florida in general, is home to a variety of insects which feed on dead wood including termites and other wood-eating organisms. In time, these insects will naturally make their way into your home and create additional damage.

Another reason to remove a dead tree is decomposition. Whenever anything alive dies, the decomposition process starts. Your dead tree will slowly start rotting and generate an unpleasant smell. A palm tree, for instance, might not generate a decomposition smell immediately after dying; but it will eventually, and the smell can become bothersome to you and your neighbors. The decomposition and decay of your dead tree will attract additional insects such as maggots and other uninvited guests.

Certain cities in the Miami area have special ordinances regarding dead trees. Failure to remove a dead tree in a timely manner could result in the city imposing fines and penalties on you. If you live in an area governed by a Home Owner Association (HOA), your HOA might have special rules regarding dead trees as well. The amount of fines your HOA might give you for not removing a dead tree could turn out to be substantially more than the cost of having your tree professionally removed.

Affordable Tree Service, Inc. has been providing dead tree removal services to residents of Miami and the surrounding areas for more than 25 years. Affordable Tree Service's team of professionals will be able to evaluate your situation, and offer the most efficient and cost efficient way to remove the dead tree from your property.

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Article date: Oct. 06 2011

Job type: Tree Removal

Job Location: Miami - Miami-Dade County


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