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Trimming trees yourself
posted by: Jim

Trimming trees around a home sounds like a pretty straight forward operation: gather cutting equipment, setup a collection area, trim branches and remove debris... On the surface it definitely sound like trimming your trees isn't the most challenging of projects around the house, so let's take a closer look...

There are many variables that come into play when you are planning to trim the trees around your home. One of the biggest considerations is: what to do with the debris and branches? The local trash collection company will probably not pick them up, so you will need to haul the cut branches and debris to a waste recycling facility which will require a truck, and up to a couple hundred dollars in dumping fees. Professional tree companies will haul away branches and debris from your property, so you don't have to do it; and since tree companies collect branches from several clients and combine them before disposing of them in a recycling facility, you will save on the cost of disposing of the branches as well.

Disposal of cut wood is just the beginning. Some trees require special equipment, which is not hard to find, and in some cases not necessarily expensive, but takes years of experience to operate safely. Your local tool rental place will be happy to rent those tools to you at a very affordable rate, but they won't teach you how to use them safely, and the resulting injuries could be devastating. Every year thousands of people are injured in tree cutting and tree trimming accidents. Falling branches, chain saws, splinters, falls from ladders are just a few of the dangers you expose yourself to while trimming or cutting trees. Hiring a professional tree company carrying the right type of insurance will transfer the risk of injury on them, relieving you of that risk. How much money would you lose if you couldn't work for 2 or 3 weeks due to a tree trimming injury?

Lastly: convenience. You are already busy taking care of your family and doing other tasks around your home, hiring a professional tree company to trim your trees will allow you to choose when you want the job done, and not worry about the setup or clean up.

Affordable Tree Service, Inc. has been helping homeowners by providing quality tree trimming services to residents of Doral and the Miami Metro area for over 25 years. The team of Affordable Tree Service will provide you with quality tree trimming at a reasonable cost.

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Article date: Oct. 24 2011

Job type: Tree Trimming

Job Location: Doral - Miami-Dade County


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